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Varenummer: 47530975001

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The 20v High-Cycle Impact Wrench is a high-power, lightweight wrench. With a ball and cam impact mechanism and pistol grip, you’ll be able to work multiple jobs with ease.

  • ACCESS: Thanks to this wrench’s LED lights, you’ll be able to see dark, hard-to-reach spots with ease, without having to work with an additional lightsource.

  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: With a square socket retaining ring and hex quick change anvil, you’ll be able to quickly switch sockets and parts without sacrificing your speed or efficiency.

  • GREAT FOR VEHICLE REPAIR: With increased reach and access, this wrench is great for tire changing and difficult-to-reach fastenings.


  • Leveres med 1x 2,5Ah batteri, 1x 5Ah batteri, lader og oppbevaringsbag.