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Varenummer: 47500064001

inkl. mva.

Smidig og kompakt batteridrevet skralle for trange plasser.
Leveres med 1 × 2Ah batteri og lader.


Increased Versatility
The paddle trigger allows for a variety of different grip techniques, while the slim-line battery and cordless body makes it easier to reach tight places.

Low Profile Forward/Reverse Control
The 12V ratchet wrench boasts a low profile forward/reverse control, which has a wide diameter for easy gripping and added control in confined spaces.

Strong Aluminum Housing
The 12V ratchet wrench sports an aluminum housing for increased strength that resists wear and impact damage.

  • Bright white LED casts light on the work piece
  • r2.0 Li-Ion battery with fuel gauge for battery  charge visibility, so you can better prepare to get more work done with this cordless ratchet wrench
  • Impact- and chemical-resistant housing protects against repeated drops and exposure to shop fluids
  • All-metal drivetrain is robust, durable and optimized for maximum power and efficiency


  • Optimized for the vehicle repair industry, body shops, and MRO
  • Feather-touch variable speed paddle trigger provides maximum control of this cordless ratchet wrench and allows different grip techniques for easier access
  • 30 ft-lb maximum torque
  • 3-year warranty